Models is a project about modeling, about the difficulty of this job, the vulnerability, the beauty. A lot of girls have the wish to become a model, all because of other reasons. “To be seen” maybe, to belong to a certain group, to be an example, to earn al lot of money, to be portrayed, and thus live forever; and I suppose there are a lot more reasons why someone wants to become a model.

But do these girls realize how difficult this is? To accomplish strange and unnatural poses with a young body and matching emotion non-existent in everyday life. The camera highlights every imperfection while the cold, stripped-down studio reveals everything. And then you´ve to understand, interpreted and translate what the photographer wants to see. Modeling is unbelievable challenging, it is uncomfortable and strange.

I invited ten girls, all wishing to become a model. I asked them to pose in the way they wanted to pose, to tell me what they wanted to tell, to show me what they wanted to show to the world. First in their own clothes in front of the studio roll in our garden, and after that staged in a fashionable outfit. Nine girls came to pose.