Under Cover

Under Cover is a film about two groups of women held captive by their image. We see a haute couture model being chased by four non models. They represent two different groups of women who both pay a lot of attention to the way they look, with a totally different outcome. The fashion industry with cloths almost impossible to wear shown by models who are too skinny. And completely on the other side stand the millions of girls who also pay a lot of attention to the way they look, but they will never look like real models. The cloths are too cheap, they are not so skinny and they wear too much make-up. In this movie I wanted to portray these two different groups.

To found the non models I contacted forty-three girls with a certain presentation on public social networks. The presentation being that you had to see that they spend a lot of time on the way they look. The girls who wanted to play in my movie were told that they had to come in their most beautiful outfit. Of the forty-three girls I contacted, nine said they would come. Four came.

Video art
Duration: 4.28